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2014 Dates: July 14-26 th

JamClinic is an intensive performance program, combined with music industry clinics, which offers a brilliant networking opportunity essential for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Participants are grouped into bands based on their age, instrumentation, level, and preferred style of music. In between performance rehearsals the participants attend lectures on various topics within the music industry such as: professionalism, image, financial resources, album production, management, networking, publishing, radio, etc.

JamClinic is a two week long course held in July, designed to better prepare young singers, songwriters and musicians for a career in the music industry. Individuals from across the region are selected and screened, placing them into groups based on their age, level of development, and preferred style of music. After enduring the intensive boot-camp style training, participants showcase their new found abilities at the end-of-session showcase event. Often we witness the newly penned tunes from collaborative efforts of the recently formed groups, experiencing firsthand the power of collaboration.

The program has a balance of practical workshops which focus on performance and songwriting, and educational seminars which address various music industry principles.

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You may fill out the JamClinic application using Adobe Reader, print it and mail/fax it in or scan it and attach it to an e-mail. You must include your deposit at the time of submission.

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